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What is ElderSharing® and Caring? ElderSharing® is a communication trademark inspiring family and community love, beginning with the young and continuing with the old. In 1997 the concept was created and founded by Melissa Mosley, LifeCircle Enterprises®, located in Burlington, Iowa. The purpose behind ElderSharing® and Caring is to develop and communicate multi cultural, generational sharing and caring in the family. The life circle process is a continuous cycle, reaching out to all human kind through community efforts assisting older people and those with disabilities and chronic illnesses. Mission ElderSharing® and Caring is to inspire hope, security, and assistance to families and communities through services, products, and programs.
ElderSharing® and Caring Workshops & Consulting
The workshops are for those wanting an overview of the way to bring families and communities together to care for those desiring to live in their own homes as long as possible.  The counseling is a one on one consultation assisting individuals and families in preparing for long term care and end of life issues.  Families can work together to help a loved one plan for the long term care experience and to live in the home as long as possible.  Community groups and organizations can assist those desiring to live at home through adopting an elder or one disabled through the ElderSharing® workbook program. To learn more about the content in the workshops and consultations go to the ElderSharing® webpage and receive a FREE downloadable example of information covered in the workshops and in the consultations.  To sign up for the workshops, please send an e-mail  to:

FamilySharing & Caring with
WhiteOwl Consulting

WhiteOwl Consulting's mission is to inspire hope, security, and assistance to families and communities through products, services, and programs. Family consulting is offered through group and individual basis on the following topics:  Care Giving, Senior Chronic Illness, Health, Nutrition & Fitness, Alzheimer & Dementia, Assisted Living, Grief & Loss, Advance Directives, Senior Spirituality and Funeral Planning.  Community group and organization speaking engagements include the following topics:  senior issues, family, parenting, health care, spirituality, women’s issues, whole life balance, inspiration, and humor. For more information on the products, services, and programs offered, please click here.

                                  WomenSharing and Caring

WomenSharing's mission is to inspire hope, family values, health, and synergy to all women of ages (20+), race, culture, and religion.  The website offers women facts, research, and helpful hints on the following topics:  careers, aging, relationships, health, and synergy through the Purple Crown Club.  The Purple Crown Club brings women in a community together to celebrate the life of a special woman, the Queen for the Day, a special day for a special woman. WomenSharing is a way to share and care with all women to help families and communities grow stronger. Go to  for detailed information.  

                  WhiteOwl Internet Marketing

Are you interested in website marketing and building your own website?  Build a family or business website and save money through creative ideas.  You will find the best deals and save money on domain registration, hosting, shopping cart, e-mail accounts, and all online marketing strategies. Watch for this information in the near future. Interested in saving dollars and making money out of your home, get ideas and get started!

Gift Idea Books & Cookbooks: 
Healthy Hearts
With Humor For Seniors, Boomers, and Kids!

LifeCircle Books are targeted to healthy & proud families, seniors, boomers, and kids. The humor and history based books and cookbooks are educational and for healthy hearts, inspiring generational family sharing and caring. The gift idea books and cookbooks are priced to save money for gift givers, and make money for the retailers and fundraisers! Go to for lots of fun and gift ideas. 

LifeCircle Enterprises®
The company's mission is to create, develop and market communication programs and products that educate, train, strengthen family and community values, and inspire hope in today’s changing society. The mission statement is: "Teaching and Healing Families and Communities." This will be accomplished through publications, internet marketing, visual/audio productions, consulting services, and innovative products and services. LifeCircle Enterprises has three divisions—LifeCircle Publications, WhiteOwl Consulting and WhiteOwl Health Innovations.

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