Inspiring family and community love, beginning with the young and continuing with the old.
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Grandparents and parents take an active role with children at a young age. Teaching youngsters to share and care is a major part of the ElderSharing® program.  Sharing family memories, pictures, writings, and family values is also part of the ElderSharing® program.


What is ElderSharing® and Caring?
ElderSharing® is a communication trademark inspiring family and community love, beginning with the young and continuing with the old. In 1997 the concept was created and founded by Melissa Mosley, LifeCircle Enterprises®, located in Burlington, Iowa. To learn more about Melissa go to for her biographical information. The purpose behind ElderSharing® is to develop and communicate multi cultural, generational sharing and caring in the family. The life circle process is a continuous cycle, reaching out to all human kind through community efforts assisting older people and those with disabilities and chronic illnesses. Mission ElderSharing® is to inspire hope, security, and assistance to families and communities through services, products, and programs.
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ElderSharing® Workshops
The workshops are available across the nation for famlies and communities. Some locations are still training ElderSharing® Counselors.  The workshops are meant to last approximately one to two hours depending on questions and the size of the group.  Most workshops are designed for groups of 8-12 people so that there is a lot of interaction for participants.  To view the format of the workshops please read the attached form.  The workshops are designed with the workbook as a format.  The workshops assist famlies and community groups to learn how to use the booklets to assist elders and those people disabled and with chronic  illnesses.  To sign up for a workshop or a private consultation please email or simply call (319)759-5800.
ElderSharing® and Caring--Assisting Your Loved One to Live in Their Home as Long as Possible! 
ElderSharing® workbooks are designed two ways:  1)  The bound version booklet style, and 2)  The looseleaf notebook style e-mail version which is downloadable.  It's advisable to purchase the three hole punch paper and a three ring binder with insertable cover.  This version allows you to have your own notebook style book.  This book is more than reading material.  It's full of usable and handy forms and charts. The readable material is FREE. The part that cost only $9.95 is the worksheets to help you organize the ElderSharing® Plan. The front and back covers are also available for only $2.  Join the mission and download it now .  The books are featured on the left hand side on the home page.