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WhiteOwl Special Group Workshops
Business and community groups may want to schedule workshops and seminars concerning the following subjects: Senior Issues, Care Giving, Senior Chronic Illness, Health, Nutrition & Fitness, Alzheimer & Dementia, Assisted Living, Grief & Loss, Advance Directives, Spirituality, Funeral Planning, Family, Parenting, Women’s ssues, Whole Life Balance, Inspiration, Synergy, and Humor. For Melissa Mosley's biographical information, please contact Melissa at melissa@lifecircleent.com to schedule a speaking event or workshop.
WhiteOwl Workshops and Speaking Engagements
WhiteOwl Consulting has workshops to offer businesses and groups! The workshops are geared to providing valuable information on each topic for those who attend. A few workshop titles are: "End of Life Planning," "Caring for the Extended Family,"  "Youngsters Assisting Church Elders" and ElderSharing® and Caring.  The workshops are approximately 2 hours in length and they are strictly educational.  Groups and businesses can create their own title for other topics. Each workshop is a fee determined by the presenter and the business or group. 
End of Life Planning
This special workshop will explain why a life well lived is worth remembering.  What you leave to friends and family reflects the care and thoughfulness with which you have lived your life.  This workshop wll show you how to watch over loved ones even after you are gone and how it is an act of ultimate kindness that will be forever appreciated and fondly remembered by those you leave behind.  Topics include:  Taking the burden off of loved ones; eliminating over spending; protecting your estate; preserving your life insurance; avoiding the expense of bringing a loved one home; and others.
Care for the Extended Family 
This special workshop discusses how a family can pull together to assist other family members no matter what age they are during challenging situations.  This workshop will address the ways to help during medical emergencies, terminal illness diagnosis, alcohol/drug rehabilitation, financial devastation, and many more situations that can bring families together to help a loved one during a tough time.
Youngsters Assisting Church Elders 
This special workshop will show adults how to teach children to be helpful and treat their elders with respect.  This workshop is for the church leaders to put a plan into place how to bring the aging congregation to church throughout the week and how to help those who are homebound, and if necessary to bring the church family into their home.  The workshop will discuss:  bringing the generation gap together, and how to teach children how to help their church's elders.
ElderSharing® and Caring
Family caregivers or the responsible party of an elder loved one should attend this workshop to learn how to implement the program for the entire family and community.  The workshop is two part:  The first workshop is an overview of the booklet and how the program works for both famlies and communities to assist loved ones to live in their own home as long as possible.  The second workshop is meant for assisting the coordinator of the program to fill out the book and give helpful hints on how to implement the program with family members and/or community groups/organizations.  Finally, there will be an opportunity to hire a consultant to assist in creating a program for an entire community!  Families may also hire consultants trained to work with individual families if needed.