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LifeCircle Enterprises® has several rules for link trading that should be clear to all concerned.  The company's philosophy is based on several factors.  Understanding this is part of what our company is about. Our logo is a mandala with distinct meaning behind the symbols.  The swan symbolizes God's creature awakening the true beauty and power of the self. Trumpeter swans are monogamous, forming pair bonds at their winter grounds. The female handles the nesting for the four to six eggs and the male helps when needed, guarding the nest vigorously, chasing away any intruders. The cygnets, baby swans, remain with their parents through their youth. After the cygnets are trained and coached the parents let go and have an empty nest.  The cycle starts over again. The swan is a good creature to symbolize how we should parent and keep order in our families and communities. The rainbow is a symbol of hope, security, and dreams for future teaching and healing.  The rainbow has ancient meanings. The seven colors symbolize not only the rainbow in the sky, but also the spiritual chakras for human and world healing.  The circular mandala symbolizes the endless flow of the colorful life force. Life's circle process never ends. The reflection of the rainbow symbolizes the fact that our four elements, (water, air, earth, and fire), are a reflection of mother earth's way to survive and heal.  The rainbow reflects on the water and even though the reflection is distorted, it's still a similar image.  The same we can say about each person alive.  Looking in the water, each of us will see a circular face distorted, but still similar to all other faces.  For obvious reasons, LifeCircle Enterprises® will not link with any sites consisting of the following:  adult sexual content, racial and sexual prejudice, religious preaching against other beliefs, obscene and/or language and jokes without meaning, get rich quick schemes, and any other site we think does not have a similar philosophy.  If your site wants to join us in our efforts and  link, please contact: