Wisdom begins with Seeing, Listening, Sharing, and Caring!  

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WhiteOwl Consulting--Inspiring Hope and Security to Families and Communities

Our handshake is the beginning of our relationship. We begin by talking and sharing about  senior or family concerns. Then we determine which areas of concern are the top three priority issues in your life. We work on resolving the top priority and then work on the other two, until all three situations are resolved. 

There are two ways to begin the session:
1)  You contact me for a private consult at:  melissa@lifecircleent.com
2)  You fill out the attached form and send it back to me for review and I contact you either via phone or e-mail chat for a consultation. 

All information is confidential and the initial first hour consultation is only $25. 

WhiteOwl Consulting begins with trust. The best way to help people is to not only shake their hand. Trust begins with knowing that what is seen, heard, said, and shared stays in the room and doesn't get repeated. The relationship is based on competence, confidentiality, fairness, integrity, and diligence. Families deserve professional advice from Melissa Mosley, a professional advisor.

WhiteOwl Consulting provides professional senior advice to seniors, boomers, and kids. 

FREE downloadable newsletters are available for your enjoyment. The following topics are shared monthly: 
*Social Security & Taxes   
*Financial & Estate Planning
*Alzheimer's & Dementia
*Health, Nutrition, & Fitness   
*Chronic Illness                      
*Medicaid Planning   
*Assisted Living & Long Term Care   
*Grief & Loss   *End of Life Planning
*Spirituality   *Funeral Planning

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